20+ of The Best Goat Books

Looking for the best goat books? Here are 20+ of the best books for everything goat related! No matter what you are looking for there is a book for everyone.

Something every goat owner or future goat owner should have is good supply of resources when it comes to caring for and raising goats. Having the right tools available to you at the drop of a hat when you need them is not only helpful but extremely important during an emergency.

But goat books aren’t just for adults, their are a wide number of great goat books for kids with goats as characters. You’ll find some of these options at the bottom of our list of the best goat books down below.

The Best Goat Books For Beginners

Here are some of the best goat books for beginners, from keeping records to general care and maintenance:

My Goat Binder From A Life Of Heritage

On our best goat books list is a Life Of Heritage’s My Goat Binder: the goat management system you need. Do you know which medications you need and how much to give? Do you have the formula on how to easily know your goat’s weight? Do you have treatment plans for anemia and pneumonia all laid out, ready for you to access? 

Probably not. But you can. Easily. With My Goat Binder. Get it in your goat management system immediately!

This physical book with all the bonuses added, is a no brainer.

Goat looking out green door | 20+ of The Best Goat Books

50 Do-It-Yourself Projects For Keeping Goats by Janet Garman Timber Creek Farm

Next up on our list of best goat books is 50 Do-It-Yourself Projects For Keeping Goats. Get ready to jump into the world of goats, one DIY project at a time. Owning and raising goats doesn’t have to be an expensive venture. With imagination, simple tools, and salvaged or bargain materials, you can make everything your goats need for their health, safety, and entertainment.

Raising Goats: Beginners Guide to Raising Healthy and Happy Goats by Janet Wilson

Next up on list of the best goat books is Raising Goats by Janet Wilson. Whether you have your mind set on becoming more self-reliant, a homesteader, or want to raise goats just for the fun of it – you have to know where to start from. However, with more than 200 goat breeds, you probably don’t even know what breed to choose.

Thankfully, with this book, you can figure it all out. This practical guide to raising goats – not only it answers some of the most common questions – but it offers further advice on how to raise a happy and healthy herd.

The Beginner’s Guide To Raising Goats: How To Keep A Happy Herd by Amber Bradshaw 

Next up on our list of best goat books is The Beginner’s Guide To Raising Goats. Whether you’re looking to be self-sufficient, or you want to make some money on the side, goats are perfect for milk and cheese, meat, and fiber. The Beginner’s Guide to Raising Goats can help you get the most out of these hearty herd animals with step-by-step instructions and easy-to-follow tips for newcomers.

From Angoras to Nigerian Dwarfs, this beginner’s guide to raising goats will break down the dos and don’ts to starting your herd. Learn how to pick the right kind of goat for your homestead’s needs, build fences and shelters, feed and breed them, and more. There’s even a recipe section in the back that shows you how to use their fresh meat and milk to make tasty home-cooked meals like Goat Chili and Goat Mac N’ Cheese.

Storey’s Guide To Raising Dairy Goats by Jerry Belanger and Sara Thomson Bredesen

Next up on list of best goat books is Storey’s Guide To Raising Dairy Goats. This best-selling handbook is packed with detailed information on housing, feeding, and fencing dairy goats. It’s been the trusted resource on the topic for farmers and homesteaders since it was originally published in 1975, and the new edition — completely updated and redesigned — makes Storey’s Guide to Raising Dairy Goats more comprehensive and accessible than ever.

In-depth sections explain every aspect of milking, including necessary equipment, proper hand-milking techniques, and handling and storing the milk. New color illustrations show each stage of kidding, and substantial chapters on dairy goat health and breeding include the most up-to-date research and practices.

How To Raise Goats: Everything You Need To Know by Carol Amundson

Another one on our list of best goat books is How to Raise Goats: Goats are more popular than ever. The expert, hands-on advice in this new edition of Voyageur Press’s best-selling goat manual makes it easy to get started. Providing information on the latest developments in husbandry, housing, and nutrition, veteran goat farmer Carol Amundson also describes the breeds popular in the United States and Canada and explains all the helpful dos and don’ts.

You’ll find information about traveling with goats, marketing, treating illness, and more, including a glossary of caprine terms, tables and charts for easy reference, and a list of breed associations. Illustrated in full color and licensed by the Future Farmers of America, this guidebook is an indispensable resource for those who want to raise their very own goats.

The Joy of Keeping Goats: The Ultimate Guide to Dairy and Meat Goats by Laura Childs

If you have dreams of becoming a goat farmer, The Joy of Keeping Goats can help you turn that dream into a reality. In this comprehensive manual you’ll learn about the different goat breeds, as well as everything from goat housing systems to feeding, health, and breeding.

As you embark on this adventure, you’ll discover the joy in keeping them, learning about their care, and getting to know each goat’s individual personality.

Goat Health and Welfare by David Harwood

Another on our list of best goat books is Goat Health and Welfare: Goats are adaptable creatures in the wild but, if kept as pets, or commercially farmed, they rely very heavily on their owners not only for food, water and shelter, but also for protection from disease or injury. This second edition has been extensively updated to include more information on current issues such as antimicrobial and anthelmintic resistance, herd health planning, and new and emerging or changing conditions such as bovine TB.

It is a clearly written, well-illustrated book and should be an invaluable, practical reference work aimed at all those who own, or care for, goats whether they be commercial goat farmers, smallholders, stock people, veterinary surgeons, and students. It is written by an experienced veterinary surgeon, and its overall objective is to provide some practical advice on managing goats daily including tips on how to keep them fit and healthy, how to recognize signs of ill health, and when a veterinary surgeon needs to be consulted.

Dairy Goat Reproduction: Breeding, Kidding, Milking + Goat Milk Recipes by Rachel Payne

Next up on list of the best goat books is Dairy Goat Reproduction: Breeding, Kidding, Milking + Goat Milk Recipes. How do I know my goat is pregnant? What should I have on hand before my goat gives birth? How do I bottle feed newborn kids? What if something goes wrong? There are many questions goat owners ask when it comes to breeding, birthing, and milking dairy goats. What is normal? Is this goat pregnant? How do I know when to assist a birth? What do I do with all this milk?

Dairy Goat Reproduction answers these questions and more. With nearly 300 pages covering information from nutrition to parturition to troubleshooting, along with recipes, this book is perfect for new and seasoned goat owners alike. Interwoven through the chapters are stories from the author’s own kidding stall, educational pictures, and tips and tricks. This book will walk you through the process of breeding dairy goats from the planning stage through caring for the kids and making delicious food with ingredients that come from your own back yard.

The Best Books For Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Thinking about getting some Nigerian Dwarf Goats? Here are some of the best goat books for raising Nigerian Dwarf Goats!

Nigerian Dwarf Goat: Keeping Nigerian Dwarf Goats As Pets by  Peter Patterdale

Next on our list of the best goat books is Nigerian Dwarf Goat: Keeping Nigerian Dwarf Goats As Pets. Considering owning Nigerian Dwarf goats? Perhaps you have already bought a few goats. It is important to know what you are getting into! There is no question they are adorable and amazing! Yet they can also be plenty of work. Knowing the pros and cons, the work involved, and all the benefits can help you to make up your mind.

Nigerian Dwarf Goat: Raising Nigerian Dwarf Goats as Pets. The Complete Guide to Daily Care, Housing, Training, Feeding, Diet, Milking, Grooming and Health Care. by [Marc  Backyard]

Nigerian Dwarf Goat: Raising Nigerian Dwarf Goats as Pets. The Complete Guide to Daily Care, Housing, Training, Feeding, Diet, Milking, Grooming and Health Care by Marc Backyard

Next up on list of best goat books is Nigerian Dwaf Goat: Raising Nigerian Dwarf Goats as Pets. The Complete Guide to Daily Care, Housing, Training, Feeding, Diet, Milking, Grooming and Health Care. Within this book, you’ll find all the knowledge you need to prepare to become the owner of Nigerian Dwarf Goats.

Information on Nigerian Dwarf Goat treatment, care sheet, enclosure, environment, diet, illnesses, breeding, temperament, feeding and much more. You’ll become an authority on Nigerian Dwarf Goats after reading this book! This book addresses all aspects of keeping Nigerian Dwarf Goats including their growing success among homesteading communities as backyard pets. The book is packed with sound advice and answers to your goat management questions.

Nigerian Dwarf Goats 201: Getting Started by  Lesa Wilke

Another book on our list of best goat book sis Nigerian Dwarf Goats 201: Getting Started The first book in this series, Nigerian Dwarf Goats 101. Background & Basics, identified what you should know about them before committing to acquiring Nigerian Dwarf goats.

This book continues where that book left off and describes the decisions to consider when choosing your first goats, how to prepare for them, and the basics on how to care for your first Nigerian Dwarf goats. It also includes appendices with a downloadable goat health record form, a glossary of common goat definitions, and several printable shopping lists.

Nigerian Dwarf Goats 201: Getting Started: How To Choose, Prepare & Care For Your First Goats by [Lesa Wilke]

The Best Goat Books For Holistic Care

If you are looking for the best goat books for raising your goats naturally or holistically try one of these:

Holistic Goat Care: A Comprehensive Guide to Raising Healthy Animals, Preventing Common Ailments, and Troubleshooting Problems by Gianaclis Caldwell

Next up on our list of the best goat books is this gem Holistic Goat Care: A Comprehensive Guide to Raising Healthy Animals, Preventing Common Ailments, and Troubleshooting Problems: Goats have provided humankind with essential products for centuries; indeed, they bear the noble distinction of being the first domesticated farm animal.

From providing milk and meat for sustenance and fiber and hides for clothing and shelter to carrying packs and clearing brush, there isn’t much that goats cannot do. Managing goats successfully requires an understanding of how nature designed them to thrive, including nutritional and psychological needs, as well as how to identify a problem and intercede before it’s too late. 

Raising Goats Naturally: The Complete Guide to Milk, Meat, and More by Deborah Niemann

Next on our list of the best goat books: Produce your own milk, cheese, meat, fiber, fertilizer, and more. Incorporating dairy goats into a diversified homestead can be the key to greater self-sufficiency.

Responding to questions and concerns from readers from all over North America and beyond, this fully revised and expanded edition of Raising Goats Naturally will help readers work with nature to raise dairy goats to produce milk, cheese, meat, fertilizer, leather, fiber, and soap – all without relying on drugs or following the factory farm model.

Raising Backyard Goats For Beginners:  9 Easy Steps on How to Naturally Raise and Farm Goats for Meat, Milk and Profit by Snugyard Publishing

Next up on our list of best goat books is Raising Backyard Goats For Beginners. If you’re passionate about living naturally, chances are, you are trying to adopt a sustainable lifestyle any way you can. While self-sufficiency is a very broad term, one of the best ways to become more self-reliant is by producing your own food. 

Would you like to: 
• Raise goats for meat and milk and always have the healthiest food on the table for your family? 
• Be able to make the tastiest goat cheese, goat yogurt, goat kefir, or whatever other dairy product you can dream up? 
• Have your own goat homestead that’ll help you clear your land, use them as pack animals or fertilize your fields with goat manure? 

Natural Goat Care by Pat Coleby

The next one on our list of the best goat books is Natural Goat Care: Goats thrive on fully organic natural care. As natural browsers, they have higher mineral requirements than other domestic animals, so diet is a critical element to maintaining optimal livestock health. In Natural Goat Care, consultant Pat Coleby shows how to solve health problems both with natural herbs and medicines and the ultimate cure, bringing the soil into healthy balance.

Topics include: correct housing and farming methods; choosing the right livestock; diagnosing health problems; nutritional requirements and feeding practices; vitamins and herbal, homeopathic and natural remedies; psychological needs of goats; breeds & breeding techniques. An invaluable resource for anyone with goats.

Farmer’s Guide Holistic Goat Care for Beginners by Dr. David Jones

Next on our list of best goat books is Farmer’s Guide Holistic Goat Care for Beginners: Gоаtѕ рrоvіdе numеrоuѕ benefits to humаnѕ, іnсludіng food (mіlk, mеаt, сhееѕе), fіbеr аnd ѕkіn fоr clothing, bruѕh and wееd соntrоl, аnd аѕ ѕуmbоlѕ іn rеlіgіоn, fоlklоrе, and mythology. While the dоmеѕtісаtіоn of gоаtѕ hаѕ bееn a tremendous bеnеfіt tо humаnіtу, рооr mаnаgеmеnt of gоаtѕ hаѕ lеd tо оvеrgrаzіng of lаnd аnd dеѕеrtіfісаtіоn іn vаrіоuѕ rеgіоnѕ.

Properly managed gоаt hеrdѕ can ѕеrvе a vаluаblе purpose іn соntrоllіng wееdѕ аnd іn rеduсіng excess undergrowth іn fоrеѕtеd areas vulnеrаblе tо fires. This straightforward guide teaches you how to choose, house, feed, train, and breed the best goats for your space and needs. Whether you want to churn out fresh dairy products, harvest soft cashmere for knitting, or keep goats as playful pets, This book makes it easy to enjoy the benefits of owning goats, with no experience necessary.

The Best Goat Books For Using Milk

Now that we’ve covered general care, lets take a look at the best goat books for using milk:

Goat Milk Soap Makin: Handmade Goat Milk Soap Recipes for Clean and Healthy Skin and Energy Boosting by Janela Maccsone

Making soap at home has seen a big rise in popularity in recent years as many see the value in soap crafting and using the ingredients that they want. For some there is a need to avoid certain products found in commercial soaps but for others it is just a simple pleasure that is relaxing and provides a quality product at the end.

Inside the pages of this goat milk soap making book you will discover lots of milk soap making recipes that are easy for beginners and a few that are for more accomplished soap makers. With it you will be able to create and enjoy a wide range of soaps that have been lovingly crafted and contain only what you want them to.

Goat Milk Soap Making: Handmade Goat Milk Soap Recipes for Clean and Healthy Skin and Energy Boosting (Natural Goat Milk Soaps Book 5) by [Janela Maccsone]
Goat Milk Soap Making at Home: How to Make Healthy, Natural Soap with Goat Milk - Unique Recipes for Cold Process and Melt and Pour Goat Milk Soaps by [Lynn  Robinson]

Goat Milk Soap Making at Home: How to Make Healthy, Natural Soap with Goat Milk – Unique Recipes for Cold Process and Melt and Pour Goat Milk Soaps by Lynn Robinson

Soap made with goat milk can be beneficial to your skin. Goat milk soap is also surprisingly easy to make at home. In my book, Goat Milk Soap Making at Home, I will teach you how to make goat milk based soap for yourself. The health benefits of natural, homemade soap are superior to any store-bought soap. When you add goat milk, which increases the healthiness of the soap you apply to your skin.

The Whole Goat Handbook: Recipes, Cheese, Soap, Crafts & More by Janet Hurst

Next up on our list of best goat books is The Whole Goat Handbook: Goats are the hottest animal today to raise for hobby farmers, commercial farmers, and members of both 4-H and FFA. But using the producst from a goat requires special skills, handling, and recipes. Here’s The Whole Goat Handbook, chock full of recipes, crafting projects, advice, and more. 

Cooking with goat meat requires special, adapted recipes because the meat is so strong in flavor; there’s no devoted goat-meat cookbook on the market—until now! Here as well are recipes for making cheese with goat milk as well as goat-milk soap. And for those raising goats for fiber, here are hard-won recommendations on crafting,  knitting, and weaving.

Milk Soaps: 35 Skin-Nourishing Recipes for Making Milk-Enriched Soaps, from Goat to Almond by Anne-Marie Faiola

Next up on our list of best goat books is Milk Soaps: 35 Skin-Nourishing Recipes for Making Milk-Enriched Soaps, from Goat to Almond: Handmade soap is made extra-special with the addition of milk! Soaps enriched with milk are creamier than those made with water, and milk’s natural oils provide skin-renewing moisture and nourishment.

In Milk Soaps, expert soapmaker Anne-Marie Faiola, author of Pure Soapmaking and Soap Crafting, demystifies the process with step-by-step techniques and 35 recipes for making soaps that are both beautiful and useful. She explains the keys to success in using a wide range of milk types, including cow, goat, and even camel milk, along with nut and grain milks such as almond, coconut, hemp, rice, and more.

The Best Goat Books For Children


The Three Billy Goats Gruff by Paul Galdone

Fist up on our list of best goat books for children is The Three Billy Goats Gruff: The three goat brothers brave the terrible troll in a colorful version of the classic tale.

G is for Goat by Patricia Polacco

Next up on our list of best goat books for children is G Is For goat: Letter by letter, meet cart-pulling goats; clothes-munching goats; head-butting, hill-climbing, tail-wagging goats! Cats, chicks, dogs, and bunnies play along with these friendly goats, joining in the fun.

From A is for Apple to Z is for Zoe, these rascally animals just won’t stop until they’ve romped through the whole alphabet. Patricia Polacco, beloved author and proud owner and friend of many goats, has created another wonderful book to be treasured by all.

The Goat with Many Coats: A True story of a little goat who found a new home by Leanne Lauricella

Next up on our list of best goat books for kids is The goat with man coats: Discover the sweet story of Prospect, a tiny goat who found his forever home at Goats of Anarchy, a farm for rescued animals.

When Prospect first arrives at his new home, everything feels big to the little goat, and he wonders how he will ever fit in! But with the help of a caring pig named Piney and a collection of colorful coats, Prospect makes a farmful of new friends and learns what it means to be part of a family. 

Tractor Supply

Once Upon A Goat by Dan Richards

Another on on our list of best goat books for children is Once Upon A Goat: A twisted fairy tale about a king and queen who wish for a child of their own . . . and end up with a baby goat. 

Once upon a time, a very prim and proper king and queen begged their fairy godmother for a child. They’d prefer a boy, with glowing skin, bright eyes, and two roses for lips . . . but any kid will do. When they find themselves gifted with a baby goat (also known as a kid) instead, they can’t imagine how he’ll fit into their lives. But of course, it isn’t long before he’s part of the royal family.

Trip Trap Trouble: Fairytale Fraud by Katie Pye

Another book on our list of best goat books is Trip Trap Trouble Fairytale Fraud: From discontent…to disaster. When Big Billy Goat Gruff notices greener grass across the ravine, his craving for the greenest grass quickly turns into an obsession. 

How can the troll stop the tiresome trip-trapping back and forth across his bridge? If you enjoy unexpected twists, playful humor, and delightful illustrations, then you’ll love Katie Pye’s highly entertaining Fairytale Fraud series. With lovely gentleness, the Fairytale Fraud series draws kids into conversation about well-being topics in a non-preachy way!

Escape Goat by Ann Patchett

Next up on list of best goat books for children is Escape Goat: The Farmer family has a big problem! Every day their goat escapes, and every day, Mr. Farmer brings him back. So when things start to go awry on the farm, it must be the goat’s fault.

Who’s to blame when Mrs. Farmer’s petunias are trampled? Or when all the cupcakes for Archie’s party disappear? And when the whole bucket of paint is spilled? Of course, everyone blames the goat! But is it really his fault?

Beatrice’s Goat by Page McBrier

The next book our list of best goat books for children is Beatrice’s Goat: More than anything, Beatrice longs to be a schoolgirl. But in her small African village, only children who can afford uniforms and books can go to school.

Beatrice knows that with six children to care for, her family is much too poor. But then Beatrice receives a wonderful gift from some people far away—a goat! Fat and sleek as a ripe mango, Mugisa (“luck”) gives milk that Beatrice can sell. With Mugisa’s help, Beatrice’s dream may come true after all!

Goat Coloring Book For Kids by Blue Wave Press

Last on our list of best goat books for children is Goat Coloring Book for Kids contains a variety of cute goat to color. This coloring book incorporates a variety of adorable designs and creates hours of coloring fun for girls and boys!

Featuring drawings that are both realistic and whimsical, this coloring book is sure to please anyone who loves goats. Includes bonus activity pages of connect the dots, mazes, and drawing tutorials.

The Best Goat Books

Whether you are looking for something for the kiddoes or to stock your library with great books there is something on this list of the best goat books for everyon!

Think we missed one of the best goat books? Tell us in the comments below!

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